About this course

To attend this stage of IELTS course, students are required to complete IELTS Stage 2 (Preparation), have a minimum level of IELTS 6.0 or attained a suitable score on our placement test.

There is no reading component in Stage 3, so all students who have no experience of the IELTS exam should do Stage 2 first.

On this course you will:

  • sharpen your test-taking skills by focusing on higher level strategies
  • improve your speaking and listening skills by looking at strategies you can use in the exam
  • practice writing by looking at all of the most common types of questions which come up in the writing exam.

Course Duration

Our 3-week, 5-week and 10-week courses are available throughout the year, as well as special courses in summer.

Term 1 May-July
Term 2 July-October
Term 3 October-December
Term 4 January-March
Summer courses March-May

Course details

IELTS Extension Skills is divided into 2 parts, Part A (Writing) and Part B (Speaking and listening), which can be taken in either order. 

Course aims and content

Part A: Writing

It consists of work on the skills you need to improve your writing band score by looking at the most common types of question. 

You will learn to 

  •  analyse the question 
  • brainstorm ideas
  • highlight significant points
  • organise content
  • compare and contrast 
  • explain and describe
  • use connecting phrases.

Upon completing this part, you will be able to write well-organised essays on a wide variety of topics.

 Part B: Listening and Speaking

It consists of work on speaking and listening skills and looks at helpful strategies you can apply during the exam to maximise your band score whilst providing plenty of practice.

Each part provides you with:

  • a methodological approach to dealing with different types of question in IELTS skills development tasks and exam practice tasks
  • opportunities to practice exam questions both inside and outside the classroom using the course book, workbook and supplementary materials
  • advice for successful performance on the day of the exam itself.


IELTS Extension Skills consists of 2 parts: Part A (Writing) and Part B (Speaking & Listening). The course consists of 40 hours of classroom over 10 weeks


Term 4

Saturday - Sunday:  18 January - 23 March 2015


*This timetable is subject to change depending upon demand.

Siam Square

IELTS Stage 3 (Extension Skills) Sat & Sun 15:00 - 17:00