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Give your child a head start – with inspiring English classes for kids

Primary Plus, our English course for kids, will encourage your child aged 6 to 12 years to express themselves in a safe, motivating environment.  

New! Feel a greater sense of progress

A space to learn and support to grow...

At British Council, we create a learning space especially tailored for children, so that they will be motivated to learn more than ever before.  With the new learning approach, our Primary Plus students from level 3 to level 6 will be prepared before each class with a variety of online activities provided by expert teachers.   Engagement and the joy of learning will help your child to expand their ability to learn.  Parents can track your child’s progress in learning!

Deepen their learning between classes

Your child will prepare for each class with independent study, set by their teacher to complete at their own pace, so class time is more focused on improving their English-speaking skills. This part of their experience:

  • helps your child improve their English reading, writing and listening skills with engaging, high-quality online learning resources designed by experts
  • keeps your child motivated with online exercises and activities, including quizzes and games based on real-world topics and fun characters
  • gives them space to deepen their understanding of English and improve their grammar and vocabulary
  • is child-friendly and easy to use, so they can work independently
  • has built-in self-evaluation, so your child can feel proud of their progress and reflect on where they can improve
  •  includes a personalised dashboard so you and your child can understand where they are within their learning journey.


Technical requirements

To make sure your child enjoys a quality learning experience, please check the technical specifications and system requirements, here: https://help.etonx.com/docs/system-requirements


Inspiring. Engaging. Motivating.

Your child will: 

  • build confidence by speaking in English about familiar topics such as their surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood
  • express themselves through exciting activities and group projects – exploring subjects like the natural world, from under the sea to outer space
  • develop important life skills, which prepare them for their future beyond the classroom.

Course Term & Period

We offer two terms each academic yeare , as well special courses during the summer.

Term A May - October
Term B October - April
Short courses April

Course information


    • Primary Plus Level 1
    • Primary Plus Level 2
    • Primary Plus Level 3
    • Primary Plus Level 4
    • Primary Plus Level 5
    • Primary Plus Level 6

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    We aim to provide opportunities for our students to practise using English both in and outside of classroom which will help them to do better at school and perform their best in English exams.

Aged 6-7 years your child will:

  • learn to read and write in English, first at word level, then at sentence level.
  • build accurate sentences, using new vocabulary. 
  • understand and present their ideas in English on familiar topics.

They will do this by: 

  • finding out how everyone is unique in their likes, dislikes and interests.
  • recognising how daily lives can be similar or different. 
  • describing their own surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood.
  • being aware how they express their feelings and make life choices.
  • thinking about the natural world and how they belong in it.

Aged 8-9 years your child will:

  • learn and practise new vocabulary on familiar topics, in activities such as writing creatively.
  • read independently and form an interest in a variety of topics.

They will do this by:

  • developing their imagination through storytelling.
  • learning from their curiosity about the natural world, from the sea to outer space.   
  • thinking about and sharing ideas on how to keep happy and healthy.
  • exploring ways to be a good citizen. 
  • reflecting on their life, interests and hopes for the future.

Aged 10-12 years your child will:

  • learn story writing and to read more confidently in English.
  • present and compare ideas and opinions using more complex language.

They will do this by:

  • making use of their skills and knowledge to help others. 
  • exploring issues affecting society and the environment and finding solutions.
  • finding out about places, cultures, ideas and inventions.
  • discovering the exciting world of sport and the beauty of the arts. 
  • looking back on primary school and thinking about their hopes for the future.


Young students on our English courses learn by getting involved in activities that interest them. Our expert teachers help them develop their English skills – and also creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. Find out more about how we teach. 


We see parents as partners. You will receive regular feedback on your child’s progress. At each age, we will assess their development in English language and core life skills.