English for Medicine 

Enhance your English communication skills for medical, nursing and pharmaceutical work, and gain the necessary confidence you need, the British Council, together with TIECA, invites you to join the UK English Summer Schools programme. Study English in a native English speaking country and improve your career opportunities for the future, the British Council, together with TIECA, invites you to join UK English Summer Schools programme. Study English language in a native-speaking country.

Who is this course for? 

English for Medicine is a specialized English language program specially designed for medical students. Students preparing for medical school Dentistry, Pharmacists and Medical Professionals interested in developing specialized English. You can gain inspiration from activities inside and outside the classroom. the courses are taught by British Council accredited institutions in various cities throughout the United Kingdom.

What is English for Medicine? And different from general English courses?

Generally the curriculum can be adapted to the needs and basis of each student. Including the following content:

  • Extensive English foundation. Ready to learn the terminology in the medical field.
  • Learn to use sentences and grammar required for the doctors-to-be. Such as patient history.
  • Symptom analysis Patient consultation Communication in situations such as emergency cases.
  • Experience the life of a medical student in the UK. Through visiting leading universities.
  • Study tours to observe and learn work in leading hospitals in the UK.
  • Test your PLAB exams to obtain a medical certificate in the UK with a certified Examiner.

How long does English for Medicine take?

Most courses take 4 weeks, but could be more - depending on the needs of the learner. And can choose to be a group or single.