English for Aviation 

If your ambition is to be a pilot, Aircraft Controller or Flight Engineer, the British Council, together with TIECA, invites you to join UK English Summer Schools programme. Study English language in a native-speaking country and improve your English for your career future! Learn communication skills, accumulate your vocabularies which specialise in aeronautics. Study in the UK,  one of the major aviation and business hubs in the world. An opportunity to learn from the real professionals.

Who is this course for? 

English for Aviation is a specialised English language program designed specifically for students and aviation personnel. It is the development of English skills for the aviation sector. It allows you to learn communication skills and enhance vocabulary for career advancement.

What is English for Aviation? And different from general English courses?

The curriculum can be adapted to the needs and basis of each student.

From basic English for flight to advanced English and exam preparation. Including the following content;

  • Extensive English foundation. Ready to learn the terminology for flying.
  • English for communication between pilots. And between the pilot and the aircraft controller.
  • Emergency Communications.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Study Opportunities And experience Britain's fascinating culture and learning resources.

How long does English for Aviation take?

Most courses take 4 weeks, but could be more - depending on the needs of the learner. And can choose to be a group or single.