LLM in Criminal Justice, University of Aberdeen

LLM (with Merit) in International Trade Law, University of Essex

An 11 Finalists of UK Alumni Awards for Social Impact

Chavalida initiated and organised legal training for assistant prosecutors on the elimination of violence against the women and children involved in the justice system, whether as victims, witnesses and accused, particularly in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. This initiative has been extended to the training of police cadets, legal officers and community leaders nationwide.

Chavalida became immersed in the issues of criminal justice and human rights in various contexts through her studies at UK universities, making her aware of the pressing need for Thailand's criminal justice system to comply with human rights. Her UK education experience has helped Chavalida to understand international perspectives and given her insight into the interrelated issues of human rights and the criminal justice system and their impact on each other.

She hopes to continue her work on the protection of rights for women and children involved in the justice system by implementing existing laws and provisions to assist them in accessing justice while at the same times protecting against re-victimisation and if possible, exploring an effective legal mechanism to prevent such vulnerable groups from any form of violence.