City/Town: Market Harborough 

Region: Leicestershire

Level of study:

  • Boarding schools
  • Pre-university academics 
  • Pathways to higher education 
  • English course
  • Summer School
  • Football Academy
  • Motorsport

Situated only 55 minutes from London by train, in the heart of England, Brooke House College is an international, independent College offering secondary education in a typical British setting.

Students wishing to undertake their general secondary education within a British system can undertake; Key Stage 3, GCSE, A level or our University Foundation Programme. There is a good range of academic subject choice; all supported with English and IELTS preparation classes where necessary.

Brooke House College also has a highly successful Football Academy, having a strong partnership with Sport Education Bangkok.   This gives students the option to develop their sporting interest alongside their academic achievements with a large number of impressive outcomes.  There are also strong links with the motor racing development teams.

The College is family owned and run, with a friendly and caring atmosphere and ethos, in a co-educational environment.  

There are approximately 240 students, 95% boarding, with a high ratio of staff to student throughout the school. 

Learning takes place in small classes, allowing for teachers to focus on individual learning styles. There is also a strong focus on preparing students well, both academically and in their independence.  This prepares them well for higher education in the UK or overseas.   Staff work closely with students to achieve their full potential, desired goals and progress to excellent top Universities in the UK and overseas many Russell Group listed.