As part of the Suntory Group founded in 1899 with the Suntory’s mission in creating harmony with people and nature, BRAND'S Suntory is the leading health supplements enterprise in Asia. Marketed by BRAND’S, it has helped build a foundation of health for generations under its flagship, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken and a range of other health supplement products. BRAND'S Suntory has carried out business in line with the Suntory’s value in continuous challenging spirits of Yatte Minahare and Giving back to society together with strong believe in philosophy on our people called Suntory People Way which includes One Suntory Family where we provide opportunities for our people’s personal and professional growth, Yatte Minahare where we demonstrate a spirit of ‘Never giving up’ and Engagement where we are bonded by the spirit of ‘Growing for good’ as the Suntory’s vision.