Bellerbys College / International Study Centres UK

City/Town: Multiple cities

Region: -

Level of study:

  • Boarding schools
  • Pre-university academics 
  • Pathways to higher education 
  • International Year One and Pre-Master

Bellerbys College is part of Study Group International, which is a global family of organisations committed to providing a complete range of academic, vocational and English Language programmes. 

Bellerbys College, founded in 1959, is the academic division of Study Group International. Bellerbys specializes in quality university preparation and high school Programmes for international students. Bellerbys has centres in three locations - Brighton, Cambridge and London – each committed to ensuring that students achieve their full potential during their studies.

Study Group is a global leader in preparing students for international academic success and rewarding careers through a transformational learning experience. We teach customised programmes across higher, language and online education starting from high-school to life-long learning. 

Study Group operates own colleges and partners with leading universities across UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. Our colleges nurture ambitious students from diverse academic backgrounds and prepare them for success at their chosen university. We provide on and off-campus education through International Study Centres (ISC) in partnership with leading universities. Our pathway programmes provide the language, academic and social skills that students need for university progression and continued success in a global society. Study Group language and career programmes create new opportunities for students to fulfil their academic or professional goals.

Every year our global recruitment teams enrol over 63,000 students from 170 countries. University partners trust us to increase their international footprint, access student diversity and provide assured progression, so they can continue to focus on academic excellence. For more information, visit