City/Town: Brighton, Cambridge, London

Students age range: 14-19

Level of study:

  • Pre-university academics (e.g. A-level, IB)
  • Pathways to higher education 
  • GCSE 1 year / 2 years

Open yourself up to a whole world of opportunity and experiences by choosing to study at Bellerbys College. Bellerbys provides a high-quality British education that is tailor made for you and trusted by universities.

Our specialist colleges give you a safe, secure and supportive place to achieve your full potential. We can give you the best possible guidance to help you choose the right university for you. Many Bellerbys students go on to study at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

We offer a range of courses suitable for students aged 14 and upwards. Our courses provide you with the academic skills, English language preparation and confidence you need to succeed in further study. Our specialist staff have years of experience teaching international students, and have strong relationships with top universities across the UK. This means we offer the best university preparation for you, to ensure you can progress to study at your preferred university.

As a Bellerbys student you will receive a globally recognised education, support with your university application, and the very best care from expert staff. Our students achieve consistently high exam results and study in welcoming, multicultural environments. Discover what makes a Bellerbys education so special.


Scholarship upto 70%