These accessories for men and women are inspired by the name of our village “Dahong” which means “leaf”. Our products are dyed with natural colours from the Yan Li Pao (Pandanus tectorius) leaf in three different shades; dark brown from old leaves, yellow from normal leaves, and green from young leaves. The designs of this collection are inspired by what we observe around our village; the forest, streams, and a wide variety of plants. Also, each product features a three-coloured leaf.

“The Wanita Project and the British Council gave our group the opportunity to join the training programme and that inspired us to work on new designs for our Yan Li Pao products. Starting with bags, we now produce women’s accessories. Currently, there are 11 designs, each showcasing the uniqueness of the leaf.”

For product enquiries, please contact WANITA Social Enterprise. 
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