Abbey DLD Colleges

City/Town: Cambridge, London, Manchester

Students age range: 14-19

Level of study:

  • Boarding schools
  • Pre-university academics 
  • Pathways to higher education 
  • GCSE

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges is a network of three independent colleges, uniquely placed to offer students from the United Kingdom and around the world a college tailored to meet their individual requirements. The colleges have a long-standing reputation for delivering a premium quality education. 

Abbey DLD colleges has three campus in the UK, they are located in Cambridge, London and Manchester and each colleges provide GCSE, A-LEVEL and Foundation programmes. 

Abbey College Cambridge has the highest performing sixth form college in Cambridge every year and in 2018 Abbey Cambridge has reached 70% of A-level grade are A*-A (and 32% of A*). Students in Cambridge campus achieve beyond the traditional curriculum, excelling in national and international academic challenges, Olympiads, Advanced Extension Awards and STEP papers. 

DLD College London is the oldest and one of the most prestigious college in the UK, which, since its foundation in 1931 has built a strong reputation among students, parents, schools and universities. DLD Colleges also have a 35% of UK students and provides wide-ranging enrichment programme with the opportunities or students to get involved, such as Charity events, job opportunities, Speaker's programme and sports. 

Abbey College Manchester is non-selective, co-educational indecent college in the heart of Manchester city centre and in 2016, 87% of our students go onto their first choice of university.


Yes, scholarship is available based on the academic performance.