De Montfort University

City/Town: Leicester

Region: East Midlands

Level of study:

  • Undergraduate 
  • Postgraduate taught course 
  • Postgraduate research (e.g. MPhil, PhD)

General Information:

  • DMU is situated in the centre of Leicester, which is the tenth largest city in Britain and just over an hour way from London by train.
  • It is a fantastic place to eat, drink, watch and play.
  • The city is also a nationwide example of multiculturalism and a vibrant place to study.

De Montfort University (DMU), the Leicester institution is one of the most valuable investments a student can make. Encouraging its students to develop their entrepreneurial flair. DMU’s campus-based placement scheme - allows current students to apply for a variety of work placements within the university, putting lecture theatre learning into practise at the workplace.

By choosing DMU, you will be part of a creative and passionate student community that is inspired to make the most of the opportunities surrounding them. The university pride themselves on combining teaching excellence with world leading research and close links to businesses with over 170 courses accredited by professional bodies.