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English is becoming increasingly important, not just for teachers, but for other education professionals and administrators.  English is becoming the medium of communication with overseas colleagues, ASEAN counterparts and institutional visitors.

The British Council’s ‘English for Education Professionals’ workshops for school directors, department heads, supervisors and subject teachers aims to provide them with the English  language and skills essential for communication in the education environment. 

In these workshops, participants take part in a series of confidence-building, communicative activities to practise all four skills, all within educational contexts. Participants take part in various speaking activities designed to suit their needs, focusing on fluency and accuracy.  Topics include talking about their job, their school, the education system and what they themselves do, as well as more interactive problem solving tasks built around real life educational situations.  

In December, the British Council will be delivering ‘English for Education Professionals’ workshops for subject teachers and directors from vocational schools in Bangkok.

For more information on the British Council’s English for Education Professionals workshops, please contact:

Pattanavimol Israngkura

Head of English for Education Systems, British Council Thailand