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There may be a lot to think about when you travel to the UK – from packing to travel insurance - but a little forward planning is always a great idea. We’ve put together some travel advice to make sure your journey is easy and lots of fun.

International student visas

The first thing to do before travelling to the UK to study is to check whether you need a visa, and if so, which one. Find out how to apply for international student visas.

International student insurance

Before you bring any money, luggage or personal possessions to the UK, you should get them insured. There are many companies specialising in international student insurance, but you should ask for advice before signing any forms. If insurance isn’t an option for you, try speaking to your local bank or student welfare officer for help.

Preparing to travel to the UK

Getting to the UK should be fun and exciting. Luckily, a lot of the preparation is done for you by your institution. They will tell you how and when to travel to the UK, how much it will cost and who to contact with any problems. 

You should also try a little research for yourself - after all, being independent is a big part of your student experience. Use the Education UK website to find out more about your institution, what’s happening in the local area and what to expect on arrival. 

British Council Thailand runs pre-departure briefings that gives you information about living and studying in the UK.