Just follow these two easy steps:

1. Upload your photo onto the chic Study UK Fair frame. Post it on your timeline. Make sure you have completed the form with your details.

2. Most importantly! Make sure you put it as a public post with the hashtag #BritishCouncilStudyUKFair . 

You will then have a chance to be one of the first 200 winners to take a free IELTS mock test.

Deadline: Friday 15 February, noon

Winner announcement: Friday 15 February at 14.00 by email


1. The mock test is for listening skills. The test results will be sent to you one month after the mock test and cannot be used as a real test result in any circumstances.

2. The opportunity to take the mock test cannot be transferred.

3. The mock test has to be taken only on Saturday 16 or Sunday 17 February at 16.00-18.00 at the Study UK Fair at Royal Paragon Hall.

4. The British Council reserves the right to change any conditions without prior notice.

5. The decision from the British Council regarding the campaign is final.