Celebrating the achievements of UK alumni in Thailand 

Raise your international profile, build your professional networks and business connections, and share your success with the world: these are just some of the benefits of winning a prestigious Study UK Alumni Award. 

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When outstanding individuals receive a world-class education in the UK, the effects can last a lifetime. The Study UK Alumni Awards shine a light on the impact that alumni of UK higher education institutions are making in their chosen field, and how this was sparked by their studies in the UK. Award winners and finalists are leaders in their fields who have used their experience of studying at a UK university to make a positive contribution to their communities, professions and countries. 

The Awards recognise the achievements of international alumni of UK universities in four different categories: Science and Sustainability, Culture and Creativity, Social Action and Business and Innovation.

Meet out 2022 Study UK Alumni Awards (Thailand) winners and finalists! 

Business and Innovation Award

Asst Prof Dr Sarayut Rueangsuwan – Winner 
City, University of London
University of Exeter

He provides a novel taxi service in Bangkok, and his classic London-style taxis can be seen in various locations throughout Bangkok. For example, hospitals, department stores, and schools. CABB is changing the landscape of taxi competition in Bangkok, effectively helping to address the long-standing issues experienced by the city’s population.

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Natwilai Utoomprurkporn
Imperial College London
Royal College of Art

Not only has Pae become the inspiration for other young females in STEM and other minorities who want to succeed in the startup world, but she also actively creates the opportunity for others that want to follow her path. She has been working closely with several Thai authorities (e.g., drone regulation, industry research funding, global competitiveness) to shape the country’s policy to be more open for innovation as well as accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Orakarn Laoharutanun
University of Exeter

Orakarn is a co-founder of Perception Codes Ltd, a software company that creates holographic illusions using head-tracking and 3D images at affordable prices. Our mission is to make desktop Augmented Reality accessible for distance-learning students, NFT artists, on-demand museums, and users worldwide.

Culture and Creativity Award

Asst Prof Dr Supitcha Tovivich – Winner 
University College London
Oxford Brookes University

She is an architectural lecturer whose passion is to lead design intervention and participatory placemaking. She hopes her small design intervention practice can be a catalyst for a greater future.

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Dr Phibul Choompolpaisal
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Over the last decade, Dr Choompolpaisal has published significant works on Thai Buddhism and historical manuscripts. Through collaboration between UK and Thai scholars, he has also played a leading role in running a project involving cataloguing, digitising, and conserving thousands of manuscripts, as well as raising public awareness towards their significance as part of Thailand’s national heritage. The project has attracted the attention of national media.

Assoc Prof Dr Witiya Pittungnapoo
University of Sheffield

Witiya has worked on integrating flood resilience and climate adaptation into the cultural heritage sector to preserve the unique wisdom of Thais living in traditional water-based communities and reduce flood risk in the Lower Northern Region of Thailand. Moreover, she has dedicated her time to promoting local crafts and the creative sector in Sukhothai (UCCN for Crafts and Folk Art, 2019) and supporting Phetchaburi creative city (UCCN for Gastronomy, 2021) to achieve cultural and economic prosperity and greater sustainable development.

Science and Sustainability Award

Asst Prof Dr Chedtha Puncreobutr – Winner 
Imperial College London

We innovate cutting-edge technology using a combination of 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence to bring custom-made affordable bone prostheses to Thai patients. Replacing off-the-shelf fixed-sizing implants, our patient-specific titanium alloy implants with associated surgical guidance can be made-to-order and delivered to surgical theatre within 2-7 days after receiving a CT scan at nearly the same operating cost as the conventional fixed-sizing implants. To date, more than 450 patients have been treated in Thailand and the surrounding region, involving 42 different bone locations in the body.

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Dr Jutarop Phetcharaburanin
Royal Holloway, University of London
Imperial College London

I have established the first international bi-annual short course in Clinical and Natural Product Metabolomics (CliNaP-M) for the ASEAN, providing researchers with state-of-the-art training in metabolomics and phenomics. I have also led the establishment of the Khon Kaen University International Phenome Laboratory, with the aim of driving science and technology sustainably in Thailand and improving the quality of life for the population with phenomic technology. My ultimate goal is to help people overcome bile duct cancer, a neglected disease which causes more than 20,000 deaths a year in Thailand as well as emerging diseases such as COVID-19.

Assoc Prof Dr Wijitbusaba Marome
University College London
University of Bristol

She is an academic who is an expert on urban resilience and sustainability. Her contributions include conducting multidisciplinary and socially inclusive research to manage global changes and build the capacities of urban/local actors to cope with future changes and uncertainties.

Social Action Award

Tidarat Yingcharoen – Winner 
University of Oxford

She is an advocate for education equity via independent organisations and a political platform. As a young female descendant of a Myanmar refugee, her work inspires the marginalised communities and a new generation of women and refugees who seek to voice out their concerns in Thailand and around the world.

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Dr Alongkot Maiduang
University of Cambridge
King’s College London

As an educator working for a national institute involved in mathematics/science/technology education (IPST) under the Ministry of Education, Dr Alongkot Maiduang has played a pivotal role in raising the standards of mathematics and STEM education in Thailand to international level since 2013, based on his extensive experience garnered from higher education in the UK. He contributes to this change through curriculum revision, writing mathematics and STEM textbooks, as well as exercises/activities for students, preparing teacher’s guides and learning materials, integrating technology into mathematics and science lessons, training, and mentoring teachers while reshaping the approach to assessments to create a nationwide impact on mathematics, science, and technology education from K to 12.

Prof Dr Kriengsak Chareonwongsak
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford

He has set up several development institutions, including the Nation-Building Institute for the development of morally guided leadership with systematic management skills for nation-building. He will continue to engage with all groups of people in society to instill nation-building ideologies and strategies for economic prosperity and equality, social unity in diversity, as well as political freedom and stability.