University of Oxford (Oriel College)

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

An 11 Finalists of UK Alumni Awards for Entrepreneurship

Siwat leads and manages an influencer network (CastingAsia) in 12 countries in Asia Pacific with over one billion views per month. He is the influencer of influencers, helping to shape the digital content direction of billions of people in Asia and around the world.

The Oxford Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Oxford and the Saïd Business School sparked Siwat’s interest in entrepreneurship and together they provided a very unique environment in which a young curious mind could flourish, stepping outside the comfort zone, and taking risks to choose a career direction, promoting the philosophy of “nothing is impossible!”

The one billion monthly views currently managed by Siwat is projected to grow into double digits; however, he would like to develop knowledge and education content to provide more responsible, quality content for the global audience to make a difference in the world.

Siwat's impact extends beyond Thailand but more at a regional and global level since our views comes from so many countries.  Siwat is also a frequent international guest speaker on topics such as digital transformation, influencer marketing, and digital media."