Will Storr
"Secrets of a Master STORYTELLER" by Will Storr

British Council (Thailand) and the Media & Communication Program, Mahidol University International College present a ground breaking  Master class "Secrets of a Master STORYTELLER" by Will Storr, the award winning writer, journalist and storyteller as featured on BBC, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. The Independent has called him a “versatile, imaginative, committed long-form journalist with a populist touch... a talented, ambitious writer.”

Will Storr has been named New Journalist of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year, and has won a National Press Club award for excellence. In 2010, his investigation into the kangaroo meat industry won the Australian Food Media award for Best Investigative Journalism and, in 2012; he was presented with the One World Press award and the Amnesty International award for his work for The Observer on sexual violence against men. In 2013, his BBC radio series ‘An Unspeakable Act’ won the AIB award for best investigative documentary.

In the past, scholars have tried to unlock the secrets of successful narrative in a top-down fashion, by deconstructing great stories to see what they have in common. THE SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING takes the opposite approach, by trying to understand ways in which the brain generates and processes story. The human brain is a natural storyteller that turns the events of our lives into a dramatic three-act narrative of crisis, struggle, and resolution. Writers exploit these neural functions often without knowing exactly how they’re doing it or why. SCIENCE AND THE MIND is an accessible course that reveals the brain’s inherent story-making processes and turns them into solid, practical principles that should benefit writers of all levels of experience.



Date: 23-24 July, 2016

Time: 9 am-5 pm

Location: InterContinental Hotel Bangkok

The workshop fee is 10,000 THB (approximately 300 USD).  

The fee includes:  A full 2 day workshop at the 5 Star Hotel plus a complimentary full buffet lunch and coffee service each day.

 For information and registration, visit http://www.mediacommasterclass.com