Dr. Yossapong Laoonual

Professional Achievement Award – Dr. Yossapong Laoonual

Learning Experience

Dr. Yossapong: My first trip to Europe was when I studied in the UK. There were some cultural differences but I managed to adapt myself and later got to know more friends, both British and from other countries. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom seems to have its own uniqueness while enriched by diversity at the same time. I was personally impressed and felt that the country was very welcoming. Moreover, UK has great reputation for its academic quality as well as learning processes where knowledge can be developed into something tangible.      

Seize your Opportunity

Dr. Yossapong: I ‘learned how to learn’ meaning I had to learn by myself. I took part in research and it was my duty to search for everything by myself. It made me become more confident and ready to get out of my comfort zone.

Shaping your Career

Dr. Yossapong: I had a golden opportunity to improve my communication skills while studying in the UK, because my classmates came from across the world. In this situation, it’s not only your English language that improves, but all kinds of communication skills that are necessary in order to express yourself to others of different languages, cultures and beliefs. I had never experienced so many cultural differences and diversity in Thailand, compared to the UK. 

Life-Changing Experience

Dr. Yossapong: The United Kingdom is a developed country, so its people tend to care more about their own society, which I think sets a very good example. It inspired me to aim towards creating a caring society in Thailand too. While I studied technology, I was able to see good cultural practices and a determination to preserve existing culture. In contrast, we have seen technology damage some of the existing traditions in Thailand already.