FameLab Thailand National Competition 2017

FameLab and School Lab

We are building international networks of skilled science communicators and strengthening the science and society interface by creating a platform for students and young adults to become the new face of science in the internationally recognised science communication competition, FameLab and School Lab.

Talking science

Entrants have three minutes to explain a science concept in a unique and entertaining way. It’s not about dumbing it down so a two-year-old could understand it; it’s about bringing it to life in a way that makes people want to love it. 

Online Engagement

In its first year, FameLab Thailand had 200,000 social media engagements and 19,000 views on its Youtube channels.

A Life-Changing experience

Dr. Khaow Tonsomboon, the winner of FameLab Thailand 2016 chose FameLab as a stage to communicate his research into corneal tissue engineering. He is now a regular speaker on science communication at universities and schools, a presenter for science TV programmes and has been featured in a number of magazines and TV programmes. 


“Famelab Thailand will call public attention to the needs of science and technology in developing the economy and society. It will therefore increase numbers of the generation to begin a career in science, technology and innovation.” 

Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Former Minister of Digital Economy and Society

"True Corporation are pleased to support FameLab for the second year and we launched the new programme this year; SchoolLab, for upper secondary students. True Corporation has brought in all media outlets to support and promote these programmes to reach and provide this great opportunity to the young generations nation-wide. Also, we do live broadcasting FameLab Thailand’s competition through True Plookpanya channel which is one of the most popular channels for the youths and all academics in Thailand."

Dr.Kantima Kunjara, Co-Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer True Corporation