Wednesday 19 May 2021 -
19:00 to 20:00

In today’s rapidly changing world, traditional businesses are finding themselves in a difficult position where they are faced with changing consumer behaviours.

With the pandemic spurring on the change in consumer behaviours, attitudes and purchasing habits, traditional businesses must re-examine their core competencies and reinvent their business model to overcome these obstacles.

Reinventing one’s business model is a hard-to-reverse decision. As such, our students will learn how to develop business models and strategies that apply to their organisation and to critically analyse these from various stakeholders’ perspectives to be reflective leaders.

Join our University of Manchester alumni, Dr Frank Siegfried, who will be conducting a taster on Venture Capital & Private Equity (VCPE). He will be sharing with participants on what you can take away from this module and how the University of Manchester has transformed his career. 

Register today for our complimentary Online VCPE Taster on 19 May 2021 (Wednesday), 7pm (GMT +7), to learn more about how MSc Financial Management and Global MBA blends the best in current business theories and strategies, and how you can learn today, and apply immediately.


Dr Frank Siegfried 
Teaching Fellow
Capstone Supervisor for the Global MBA
Manchester Worldwide South East Asia 

Frank is DBA Alumnus of Alliance Manchester Business School, a Teaching Fellow and the Capstone Supervisor for the Manchester Global MBA programme. 

He is a Founder and Director of a Strategic Management Consulting firm.  He helps business conceptualize and execute sustainable strategies, complex transformations, data-driven business models, value propositions as well as training / coaching of high-performance leaders to accelerate growth, enhance efficiencies, convert ideas into opportunities and lead turnaround or post-M&A projects in the private or public sector across industries.  Frank is also a former early-stage Venture Capital investor and help to commercializing emerging technologies, raising capital and mentoring start-ups / spin-off teams. An experienced associate faculty where he designing, enabling and evaluating customized, high-impact training, coaching and consulting solutions for Senior- and C-level executives in Asia.