Saturday 06 October 2018 to Saturday 15 December 2018

Inspire! Scholarships 2018

Inspire! Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to experience a British lifestyle and study in an English classroom for a period of two weeks at a leading UK institution.

The aim of the scholarships is to give students in Thailand the chance to lay the foundations for a great future, improve their English, and experience a multicultural environment.

The scholarships are open to students aged 13 and upwards.The winners will be selected by representatives of participating schools and colleges.

About Inspire! Scholarships 2018

Inspire! Scholarships 2018 will offer two Thai students the chance to study and experience living in a British school or college for two weeks. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and airport transfer.

Institutions offering the scholarship Details of scholarship available Age of applicants
Kings Education One scholarship to experience an English course at Kings Education in the UK 17 and over
Moreton Hall One scholarship to experience an intensive academic course at Moreton Hall in July and August 2019. Both girls and boys can apply. Applicants must be able to communicate in English 13–17

General eligibility criteria

  • Students must be Thai nationals 
  • Currently studying and living in Thailand
  • Upon the announcement of winners (February 2019), the contestant must remain registered as a student as per the Ministry of Education regulations
  • Students must be eligible to apply for the Inspire! Scholarship


  • Students should submit a one-minute speech on “One thing about the UK that inspires me the most.”

Contest rules and regulations:

  1. The speech must be in English.
  2. The speech must be relevant to the topic given. The content should be well-constructed, creative, interesting and the English language used in an appropriate manner.
  3. The student must submit the speech in a video format that is clearly audible in MP4 or other formats*.
  4.  The student must prepare the speech himself/herself. The content must not have been submitted elsewhere or the subject of other awards.
  5. The judges’ decision is considered to be final and cannot be appealed.

Other conditions:

  • The British Council reserves the rights to all videos submitted and shall hold the copyright of the video for promotional purposes. All videos submitted are considered the property of the British Council.
  • The scholarship does not include the cost of flights, visas, insurance and personal expenses, and the student is also responsible for making the necessary arrangements.
  • Students in receipt of a scholarship must only travel to the UK on the date advised by the school. Exceptions can only be made if permission is granted by the school.
  • The scholarship is awarded according to the quality standard of the application. The judges’ decision is considered to be final.
  • The scholarship cannot be exchanged for money or substituted for other products and/or services. The winner cannot transfer his/her rights to any other person under any circumstances.  
  • The organiser is not responsible if, for any reason, the winner is unable to use the scholarship.
  • Students can only receive one scholarship.
  • Students must be able to travel to the UK, without parents or guardians, on the date and for the time period agreed with the host institution.
  • Students must not have any health or medical condition that will affect his/her study in the UK.
  • If for whatever reason the British Council cannot arrange the scholarship to the UK as scheduled, it reserves the right to postpone until the next available date. However, if the British Council can no longer organise the activities as planned, students will receive a substitute award.
  • The British Council reserves the right to change any details without advance notification.

Application and video submission period

6 October – 15 December 2018

Scholarship winners will be announced on 15 February 2019