Saturday 04 August 2018 -
15:00 to 16:00
Room 18 British Council, Siam

A-level, IB or pre-university grades are important indicators of acceptance to get you into UK universities. British Council and NCUK invite parents and students who are interested in continuing their undergraduate studies in the UK to join the special seminar on the following topics.

• How to prepare for a bachelor's degree in the UK?

• Writing a personal statement to the director.

• How to get a good grade in order to get a university entrance.

 About NCUK Curriculum : New Pathways for bachelor degree

• Study the first nine months of foundation at British Council taught by NCUK-accredited faculty.

• Guaranteed entry into 16 top UK universities.

• Suitable for those who have completed the IGCSE, GED, or A-Level exams.


Special offer for grade 12 or first year university students : graduate a bachelor degree in UK within 2 years.

Free admission is available at