Wednesday 26 March 2014 - 00:00
Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru

Conference Employability for the Digital Age

In this digital age, our definition of literacy is changing. Many jobs now require a high level of IT competency and confidence. As such, the notion of digital literacy – those capabilities that equip an individual for living, learning and working in our IT-enabled society – is one that needs to be taken seriously by colleges and universities, as well as by employers.

We live in an online and globally connected world. Society has a resulting need for citizens who can thrive in an era of digital information and communication. Those who are digitally literate are more likely to be economically secure, and these skills are especially important in higher education given that graduate jobs will almost invariably involve some level of contact with computers and portable devices. Against this backdrop, there is a clear need for education at all levels to play a part in establishing and developing the skills that the future employees will need.

At the same time, delivering digital literary goes beyond simply teaching the IT skills; a complete culture change is required to live fully within the modern digital society, from understanding how to communicate ideas effectively in a range of media, to managing digital reputation and history, and understanding how to remain secure and protected throughout the process.

This conference will discuss these topics, with keynote presentations from experts in industry and academia.

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