Primary Plus is made up of a variety of modules which provide the opportunity for children to learn English through a range of fun and engaging activities. Each of the modules looks at a different topics relating to daily life and the world around us. Learners are encouraged to broaden their knowledge across a wide range of subjects, whilst having fun and advancing their English skills at the same time!.

As a special offer, we are allowing parents to select from a number of modules for your child to study.   

These modules include:

  • My Home (Primary 1) – this module will allow your child to learn the vocabulary and phrases for describing the different parts of their home.
  • What do you do? (Primary 2) – in this module your child with learn about the world of work and the different jobs people do.
  • Eating out (Primary 3) – in this module your child will learn how to order food in a restaurant and talking about what they like and dislike.
  • Countries (Primary 4) – in this module your child will explore the world by researching facts about different countries.
  • Shape up! (Primary 5) – in this module your child will develop their knowledge of food, nutrition and exercise.
  • Travel the world (Primary 6) – in this module your child will explore unusual destinations around the world and learn vocabulary related to tourism.

These are examples of the numerous modules we provide for our students.  If you would like further information about this or have any questions please contact us at the British Council (02 657 5678).