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When you choose an English course for primary and secondary students in our English language schools,  you can be assured that your child will have support to grow in every area within an environment which fosters learning both inside and beyond the classroom. Your child will also be able to develop long term core life skills.

Boost your English with the British Council

New learning approach! Pre-lesson online activities for Primary and Secondary students 

Improve learning efficiency with a greater sense of progress both in English and core life skills which are required for the future.

Our courses are not only designed by world-class English language experts and tailored to suit learning for each age group, but young learners also have additional pre-lesson online activities to help prepare students before entering the classroom at our language schools.

Primary Plus students get to play vocabulary games through online activities before entering each class, helping them to enjoy lessons and stimulate more interest in their learning.

Secondary Plus students are introduced to the topics of lessons online in advance.  Having completed various supplementary activities related to the lessons in the class, they are prepared to study and understand each lesson better. They also develop their world knowledge and core skills which are important skills for university.

Our expert teachers partner with parents to get the best out of every child - we see the same potential you do. How far will your child go?

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