What students on our adults courses say

'MyClass Boost helps me to present projects successfully at my university classes. I feel like I am more proficient when it comes to using English. The teachers and classmates made my learning atmosphere very positive. That's why I enjoy studying here and meeting new interesting friends.'

Nopchanok Loetwaleerat, MyClass Boost student

'Feedback from my teacher in class and in assessments have enabled me to use English confidently and efficiently at work with foreign colleagues and customers, especially writing, reporting and co-ordinating.'

Ms Sarocha Salee, MyClass Plus student

'The teachers were extremely helpful and straight to the point. They highlighted the points I should be working on and that saved me a lot of time! Also, the practice material gave me the right exercise to build up my skills. It then helped me to achieve a score of 6.5 in my first attempt.'

Ms Sirada Wongprawet, IELTS Coach student

What students on our kids and teens courses say

'Secondary Plus with the guided learning approach helps me progress better by enabling me to come into class more prepared.'

Phanapon Maneechot, Secondary Plus student

'With guided learning activities, I know how to complete the work in class and the classwork become easy. I feel very proud!'

Sarun Singhara, Primary Plus student