Our objective

To advance Thailand’s creative economy by utilising the world-leading innovation and creativity of the UK to make a positive contribution to people, society and the arts sector in Thailand.

Our approach

We work with governments, education and training institutions, designers, makers and other arts and social partners to build capacity which is locally owned and sustainable. We do this by combining local knowledge and global experience with our understanding of local needs to develop targeted solutions.

Over the years, we have built trust and long-term relationships with key policy makers, stakeholders and education institutions throughout the world. This gives unparalleled insight and track record into connecting people from different creative disciplines and places as we work towards lasting change in Thailand and across the globe.

Our track record

Craft and Design Innovation Programme

This programme equipped craft entrepreneurs with the tools and skills necessary for craft business development and provided marketing opportunities in Thailand and the UK. It involved two training workshops and an exhibition in Thailand as well as an exhibition in the UK.

Design and Social Entrepreneurship

Working with craft entrepreneurs towards social objectives, this programme enabled participants to realise design ideas and assisted them in achieving business sustainability, and creating social impact. The programme consisted of two training workshops, one mentoring programme, two exhibitions in Thailand, two exhibitions in the UK, a forum, and a study visit in the UK.

Thai Craft and Design Exchange

A platform for creative and design exchange, the programme provided a learning opportunity for Thai and Scottish designers and makers to collaborate and experiment with new processes, techniques, and materials focusing on sustainable design. The programme created a thriving network of collaboration which resulted in new works and ideas beyond the programme period. The programme itself consisted of a residency and two exhibitions in Thailand, three exhibitions, and a study visit in the UK.   

Scottish-Thai Craft Collaboration

Following the first exchange between Scottish and Thai artists in 2016, a Scottish designer teamed up with a Thai architect, an artist, and a master basketry weaver to work on an installation entitled “Whale”. This work was showcased at Wonderfruit Festival in 2017 in Chonburi, Thailand where over 10,000 people visited the event. The installation demonstrated the collaboration between Thai and UK craftsmanship and explored the meaning of crafts and sustainability through the use of recycled metals and a school of 4,000 bamboo fish woven by basketry weavers and Chiang Mai local school children.


“I have developed my own skills from working with UK artists, and have learned a lot from participating in the showcase that British Council organised in the UK, which was a very good opportunity for entrepreneurs who are just beginning to deal with businesses internationally.

I have learned about both Thai and international cultures which has helped empower and enable me to be receptive to new ideas. This experience hasn’t only changed me, but also the artisans I have worked with.”

Saruta Kiatparkpoom – Artist, Pin Metal Life

“The training has guided Bhukram’s design and made me understand community values and recognise how to add more value to ordinary things found locally. Thank you British Council for recognising the significance of working with communities and providing beneficial programmes which help people like me, who want to return from the city to develop my hometown, to do my work with the community more capably.”   

Pilan Thaisuang – Founder, Bhukram

“British Council acts as a resource centre and gateway for the exploration of knowledge and information in the UK. Collaboration with British Council is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking for knowledge and wants to keep ahead of global trends.” 

Montinee Yongvikul Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)

“The partnership between SACICT and British Council promotes Thailand and the UK’s collaboration in crafts, which elevates the status of crafts and enhances economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability, while preserving local heritage. 

Thai artisans have acquired new perspectives, techniques, and processes from UK experts, and have used the knowledge gained to develop their own businesses. The UK artisans also gained inspiration and approaches from their Thai counterparts, which help develop their works. The collaboration has proved to be truly fruitful.” 

Saengrawee Singhawiboon, The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (Public Organisation)