About Inspiring Science

We recognise the importance of inspiring school learners and providing them with a solid grounding in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  In order to embed inquiry-based learning and STEM education in schools, and make science inspiring for children in Thailand, the British Council, in partnership with the Office of Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, and BG Thailand have developed the Inspiring Science project to support the implementation of contemporary pedagogical practices in secondary schools nationwide.

What are we doing in the Inspiring Science Project?

  • For schoolchildren: Developing 21st Century skills, Scientific Capability, Creativity and Higher Order Thinking
  • For trainers and teachers: Building expertise in inquiry-based learning and STEM education through 1) capacity building programmes 2) development of innovative  comprehensive teaching resources that use Thai contexts for learning

Inspiring Science phase 1

During the past 3 years the Inspiring Science phase 1 has created impact at different levels of the education spectrum:

  • 27 teaching units covering the whole lower secondary science curriculum have been developed and published offline and online
  • 255 Education areas have been covered
  • 1,500 trainers involved
  • 15,000 teacher trainers trained
  • 7,500 schools reached
  • over a million students involved

Inspiring Sciece Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Inspiring Science project is building on the success of Phase 1 through the use of similar models of capacity building, development of teaching resources and dissemination. It will continue to build and develop students’ scientific capability, problem solving, critical thinking, team working, leadership, and communication skills as they continue their science and STEM experience and progress through upper secondary school and on to higher education or into the work place.

The programme includes:

  • STEM ambassadors – positive role models introduce the world of STEM careers, and bridge the gap between the world of STEM and the workforce tomorrow
  • STEM research briefs – Electronic problem-based units free to all upper secondary schools; matching the M4-6 core curriculum; based on real Thai STEM research and development contexts; engage students in real STEM projects that model the range of STEM R&D activities; and written by Thai teachers.
  • School STEM Fairs, Regional STEM Conferences and a National STEM Conference
  • STEM research placements
  • STEM e-magazine

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