fiveFilms4freedom 2016

Who are your Global LGBT Cultural Influencers? 

Help us celebrate people making a difference to their communities and societies.

Are you, or do you know, someone who challenges, inspires and provokes debate?

For our second FiveFilms4Freedom festival, we are looking for people using culture and the creative industries to promote freedom, equality and LGBT rights.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, get nominating!

All nominations will be judged by the fiveFilms4freedom team, British Council and BFI Flare using the following criteria:

1) How has this person used culture or the creative industries to promote freedom, equality or LGBT rights?

2) Has this person had to work in a challenging environment or difficult place?

3) Has this person inspired others?

4) Has this person encouraged a debate about freedom, equality or LGBT rights on or off-line?

5) Has this person made national and international connections?

All nominated individuals, and those submitting nominations, must be over 18. All nominations must be in English. Read the full terms and conditions.

The deadline for nominations is 19 February 2016 and our final list will be announced on the 17 March 2016.