“Crafting Futures: Innovating Craft Knowledge” is a 3-year regional capacity programme taking place in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Malaysia in order to support women artisans in improving their livelihoods through crafts. The project in Thailand aims at revitalising cultural identities and textiles of the Tai Lue community in Pua District, Nan Province in the North of Thailand.

Designed following the findings of the New for Old Residency Programme by Thai and UK researchers from the Royal College of Art in December 2016, the project focuses on design and cultural identity, transferring the skills and traditional knowledge, awareness of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing process and sustainable business models.

The project is a partnership between British Council Thailand and Fai Gaem Mai (Knowledge and Technology Centre for Northern Textile, Science and Technology Research Institute, Chiang Mai University).

In 2017, the activities to take part in Thailand as part of the project are as follows.

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