Grammar isn’t just grammar! We all know practice makes perfect. This includes language learning.

This 30-hour grammar and writing course is specially designed to support students’ grammar and apply it to English writing through interesting and creative activities; using the latest course books and cutting edge software.  Teachers will assess students’ progress by giving feedback, leading students to identify mistakes and encourage students to self-correct and peer correct. This will build up the students’ confidence and improve their skills in grammar and writing.

What will students get from this course? 

•Improved grammar accuracy to support their English skills
•Greater confidence and improved structure in writing
•Interactive teaching methodology – enhanced grammar and writing skills through fun and creative activities 
•All our teachers are international teaching qualification holders. Their professionalism and understanding of Thai learners’ contributes to students’ learning success
•Application of skills learned from the course to school study and exams
•How to turn sentences into a well-structured paragraph

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