Primary Plus 2018

How it works

Our holistic approach offers your child more than English 

Primary Plus is the English course for children aged 6 to 12 years from the British Council. It takes place in a safe, nurturing and inspiring English environment so the experience is meaningful and memorable for your child. 

All courses are module-based with age-appropriate themes and topics that match with child development stages. Children will learn English skills and other life skills through a variety of tasks and projects which enhance their understanding and use of the language.

With Primary Plus your child will build their confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing English through activities such as stories, songs, rhymes, games, craft, movement and drama. 

Your child will learn English and develop essential life skills including: 

  • Leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving; 
  • Working together and communication, 
  • Creativity and imagination 

Course information


    • Primary Plus Level 1
    • Primary Plus Level 2
    • Primary Plus Level 3
    • Primary Plus Level 4
    • Primary Plus Level 5
    • Primary Plus Level 6

    • One 2 hour lesson per week
    • Once a week
    • Semesters start in May and October

    Send a message to our English course consultants to find out more about this course.


    We aim to provide opportunities for our students to practise using English both in and outside of classroom which will help them to do better at school and perform their best in English exams.


A strong foundation for your child, a lifelong journey they’ll enjoy

Our approach gives your child the language skills they need to express themselves effectively and equips them with life skills that will be of use at school and in their careers. It also lays the foundation for them to master good pronunciation.

Your child will feel at the centre of their own learning

Your child is encouraged to take the lead. This stimulates their critical thinking and imagination and creativity. Your child will also be encouraged to reflect on their progress so they can improve even more and unlock their potential.  Your child is unique and treated as an individual - by setting goals with your child we make sure they are involved in the process. Together we work towards those goals, building your child’s skills and confidence at a pace that’s right for them. 

Improve your child’s learning with our world of English expertise

The British Council has been teaching English for 80 years and is trusted by parents all over the world. With us, all the materials for the course are included. Our specialists constantly apply the best new and emerging ideas to an English learning context.

We give you regular feedback on your child’s activities and progress

A final communicative task with measurable outcomes e.g. a project, writing task or presentation will be done at the end of each module to measure the progress of your child.  You can expect assessment to include your child’s own reflection too. We welcome you to share your own observations of how your child is using their English or other skills such as creativity at home. Homework is challenging and interesting, sometimes involving family members or friends… so we encourage you to get involved! 

What’s more, there is a Primary Plus online portal designed for you to help your child to continue learning English at home. On it, you will find grammar and vocabulary activities, song and video content that are unlocked when ‘homework’ is completed. This will help you to track your child’s progress at home. 

With Primary Plus your child will:

  • Build their language skills and confidence in communicating in English 
  • Master good pronunciation 
  • Develop socially and emotionally through working in groups 
  • Develop essential life skills through exciting tasks and projects that spark their imagination 
  • Develop creativity, leadership and critical thinking 
  • Gain confidence to express themselves fluently 
  • Have fun learning English through Shaun the Sheep’s stories