How it works

Primary Plus is a six-level series of courses which aims to develop young children’s confidence in communicating in English while considering the child’s development into a well-rounded individual. The courses are designed by British Council experts with reference to the local school curriculum.

All courses are module-based with age-appropriate themes and topics that match with child development stages. Children will learn English skills and other life skills through a variety of tasks and projects which enhance their understanding and use of the language.

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Course information


    • Primary Plus Level 1
    • Primary Plus Level 2
    • Primary Plus Level 3
    • Primary Plus Level 4
    • Primary Plus Level 5
    • Primary Plus Level 6

    • One 2 hour lesson per week
    • Once a week
    • Semesters start in May and October

Five Reasons to register your child for Primary Plus

Build your child’s confidence and ability in English

With British Council’s 80 years of teaching expertise, excellent teaching qualifications and our knowledge of children’s language development, our courses are designed to expand their capabilities step by step and build up their confidence.

In each level of Primary Plus, there is a balance of all four language skills with an emphasis on communication.

Equip your child with skills for life

Our courses support children in their physical, personal, social and emotional development as well as in developing important life skills such as creativity, leadership and critical thinking. There are specially formulated activities and engagement with a variety of media to help children gain essential life skills naturally. We developed our six key life skills according to the ‘6Cs’ framework developed by Fullan and Langworthy (2013), and UNESCO’s transversal skills (2013)

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Citizenship
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Digital literacy
  • Collaboration and communication

Fun and interactive classes

We use a variety of stimulating materials and activities such as games, music and tasks that employ logic and higher-order thinking to appeal to different learning styles and multiple intelligence inclinations.

Collaboration and interaction between children and teachers create an environment where children are free to express themselves and ask questions. Children will love these types of lessons!

A clear sense of progress

Parents will be able to see their child’s progress via modular assessment of in-class tasks with feedback every four to six lessons and automatically-marked online grammar and vocabulary activities.

A final communicative task with measurable outcomes e.g. a project, writing task or presentation will be done at the end of each module to measure the progress of your child. 

Primary Plus online portal

The learning activities on the Primary Plus online portal are specially designed for grammar and vocabulary training with language learning games that unlock once students reach a certain level of progress.