Three students in kindergarten class

This course is designed for children in Kindergarten 3 who are between the ages of five and six. Our main focus is to build strong foundations in English as well as personal, social and emotional development.

The course follows a topic-based syllabus that allows students to build their vocabulary whilst completing tasks that relate to the real-world. The combination of developing literacy skills, as well as listening and speaking, means that learners gain a well-rounded foundation in English that enables them to advance at later levels. Our qualified teachers will also help your child improve classroom confidence using a variety of fun resources like the Jolly Phonics programme, songs, games and tasks.

What is Jolly Phonics?

To help develop your child’s early literacy skills we supplement our course with the Jolly Phonics program.

This is a fun and effective approach to teaching English to young children. It is a multi-sensory, synthetic phonics programme that teaches children the English alphabetic code in a simple, but structured way. The result? Children will be able to read and write English from an early age!

Children will learn each 42 main letter-sound correspondence with a story and an action which help the children concentrate and remember effectively. They will also learn how to blend the sounds together to make new words. Such methodology will enable children to naturally develop reading and writing skills in a shorter time frame.

On this course your child will

  • Use phonics to support literacy development
  • Develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through a variety of classroom activities using games and songs
  • Use children’s storybooks to develop creativity and foster a love of reading
  • Learn English with our teachers who are qualified and have experience specifically in teaching young learners in a fun and child-friendly environment 
  • Carry out real life module tasks to develop hands on learning

Course outcomes

The course aims to:

•naturally develop reading and writing skills

•build confidence using English, especially in listening and speaking

•involve parents through open classes & other interactions

•involve your child in the school culture through clubs and termly events, challenges and competitions

Course information


    We aim to encourage your child to love learning English and help them develop all English skills needed to get the best start at Prathom level.


    The courses start in May each year and finish in October

    The next course runs from October to May


    Primary Phonics Plus is a single level course.


    Send a message to our English course consultants to find out more about this course