Jadsadakon Tachaiwong

2nd year student, Institute of Field Robotics, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

My dream is to be a pilot since I studied at Vocational School. I started to look for information about where and how to study to get a scholarship. One of the conditions to study at the International Civil Aviation course is to be interviewed in English. All studies are also in English.

I looked for an English course to follow my dream and found that speaking well was just as important as having the correct pronunciation. My parents advised me to study at the British Council because I would be able to practise English face-to-face with qualified teachers. I have studied here for 2 years now and I can understand when I watch the news in English and I am more fluent when I talk to foreigners. I also use my English skills at university. I am going to study intermediate level for the next course.

I believe English is important and it will help me to achieve my dream.