myClass PLUS Business English Course

Because doing business in English requires different types of language and skills, we designed myClass PLUS with a specific focus on the meets of career-minded learners.

Why myClass PLUS

  • Personalised Learning
  • Bringing the Workplace to Life in the Classroom
  • Guaranteed Learning Success

Course information

  • Road to Achievement

    In order to guarantee learning success, we have created a way of supporting your progress throughout your course.

    • Personal Learning Plan
    • Making progress
    • Meaningful Feedback
  • The best lessons to achieve your goals

    • Every myClass PLUS lesson is chosen to make sure it fits the kind of situations a person needs in the modern workplace environment.
    • myClass PLUS features bespoke content reflecting our belief that practice, feedback and reflection are a vital part of the learning process. 
  • Personalised Guidance and Support

    • PLUS Lounge: a dedicated space for myClass PLUS learners to use.
    • Club PLUS: Club PLUS includes Business Networking Events and a wide range of Business Workshops. 
    • Online Support:  exclusive online learning community
  • Find out more about this course

    Send a message to our English course consultants to find out more about this course