The world is changing fast. We are living in an increasingly globalised and connected world. Changes in technology are changing how we learn, work, communicate, travel and enjoy leisure.  Today’s university students can probably not imagine a world without the internet. It’s a world where diversity is celebrated more than ever before. There is a growing concern, and not only in the young generation, about inequality, the environment and the sustainability of the planet and our societies.

The British Council hits 65 this year in Thailand: 65 years of creating opportunities for millions of people and creating friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries, through sharing the UK’s offer in English language, education and science and arts and culture. 

Any organisation needs to keep fresh and relevant, especially in times of huge external change. We aim to deliver ever better services and results for our customers and partners and respond to your changing needs and changes in the market. What we do and how we do it rightly changes. Some things we start afresh, some things we stop doing because the market has changed or our initiatives are now sustainable without us. However, the ‘why’ – building understanding and trust between Thailand and UK in a true spirit of mutuality stays the same. 

For the next four years we are focusing our work on three themes which support the national agendas of both countries. 

Raising levels of English
Fluency in English is fundamental to improving the life chances of millions of young people. In addition to our own teaching and exams operations reaching over 30,000 young people year, we have been working with the Ministry of Education to transform the way teachers in Thailand teach English through our Regional English Training Centres project. More than 6,000 teachers in 18 centres nationwide have already benefitted from this programme which will ultimately help Thai students to communicate in English more effectively. 

Internationalising higher education and science
The UK is a world leader in higher education and research. This could not be achieved without international collaboration, and we aim to increase educational mobility through university and research links to lead to greater opportunities, an internationalised environment and economic benefits for both countries

Building creative economy
We are supporting the creative economy in Thailand by utilising the world-leading innovation and creativity of the UK and linking it with the traditional heritage of Thailand to make a positive contribution to people and society. To achieve this, we have developed programmes in Craft and Design and Creative Cities which mobilise our expertise, resources, and networks in Asia and the UK to foster the growth of individuals, enterprises, and institutions involved. 

You can find much more information about all our work on these pages and engage with us on our social media channels. Whether you are discovering us for the first time or are a long-term friend, we hope you stay with us for many years to come.  

Andrew Glass OBE

Director Thailand